Things to do between tenants

Doing a good job of "re-setting" your property between leases builds confidence with new tenants and preserves your property for the long haul.

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Roommate Enneagrams

With a bit of understanding, any “number” can make a great roommate. Our advice? Before signing the lease, enjoy a fun night chatting about what makes you tick!


Rental Property Pet Policies

Furry, fun loving and potentially a little flippant, pets are likely to be the least responsible tenant living at your property. But, they are undoubtably a member of the family.

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How to remove a freeze on your credit report for a rental application

Many landlord's require a credit check as part of the application process. Here is how to suspend a freeze so your credit report can be shared!

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Yard Sign Placement: DOs and DON’Ts

As you go to list your rental property, consider these “Dos and Donts” of yard sign placement.

tips.pngTenant Tips

Choosing the right electricity provider in Texas

Choosing the right plan could actually save you a few hundred dollars each year.

Happy Tenants

Three tips for keeping a good tenant

Much attention is paid to finding the right tenant… but what about keeping them?


What cities is Peach Perch in?

If your rental property is in the US and requires a lawn mower—Peach Perch can help you market your property!

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Three easy ways to market your rental property

The goal is obvious: minimize time between tenants. But realistically, how should you do that?