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Roommate Enneagrams

Feb 04, 2020by Emily

tips.pngTenant Tips

Roommate Enneagrams

Feb 04, 2020by Emily

If you’ve spent time in coffee shops, on college campuses, or scrolling through Instagram, you’ve probably come across the Enneagram. The popular personality test made waves in recent years and is the subject of hundreds of books and funny memes.

Based on the premise that there are nine main personality types, The Enneagram focuses on the basic desires and fears of each “number,” allowing people to better understand what motivates them and others.

Many companies have even begun issuing Enneagram tests to learn about their employees, and we think it can be just as helpful in a roommate setting. So if you’re searching for a home with new roommates--or hoping to better understand a current roommate--please enjoy our brief breakdown of each number. (And if you’ve never taken the test--fear not! There are dozens available online.)

  • Type 1: The Reformer.

    Ones are guided by a firm moral compass. They want things done fairly and strive to remain above reproach. Ones dread the idea of being thought bad or immoral, and they crave balance and justice.

    As a Roommate: This roommate will never “forget” their turn to take the trash out on garbage day. Equality-loving Ones can set a positive tone as roommates, seeking out best practices to keep life fair and respectful for everyone at home.

    Our Advice: Before move-in, have a frank conversation about expectations and any “house rules” you want to set, and be willing to stick to them.

  • Type 2: The Helper.

    As their moniker suggests, Twos often put others’ needs before their own. Twos long to be needed and appreciated, and they work hard to feel secure in their relationships.

    As a Roommate: Twos are likely to be considerate of each roommate’s individual needs and will jump at the opportunity to help, listen to, or encourage others. This is the roommate who will surprise you with your go-to coffee order “just because.”

    Our Advice: Be sure to let this roommate know if you need some space, and remember that a word of thanks (or a surprise gift) goes a long way.

  • Type 3: The Achiever.

    Natural-born leaders, Enneagram Threes bring big energy to every task, fueled by a desire to succeed and earn recognition. Threes strive to do everything well and want to “climb the ladder”--be it a corporate, educational, or relational one.

    As a Roommate: Threes are likely to be high-achieving in their careers and busy running a menagerie of clubs and organizations, so they may not be home much. Composed and confident, they aren’t afraid to take charge and make a plan.

    Our advice: This roommate will have lots of balls in the air, but Threes also like to motivate others to meet their goals, so don’t hesitate to go to them for advice and support.

  • Type 4: The Individualist.

    Fours are introspective, creative types. They’re eager to engage with and explore their feelings and often channel this sensitivity into some form of artistic expression.

    As a Roommate: Fours are true individuals, and their creativity can bring light and life to a home. Though Fours want their talents to be appreciated, they also tend to withdraw when life goes south.

    Our Advice: When life gets hard, some Fours may need to feel ALL of their emotions before moving forward. Be sure to give this roommate space when they’re having a rough day.

  • Type 5: The Investigator.

    Intelligent and thoughtful, Fives love to learn and explore new ideas. They want to feel equipped and ready to face any task, and fear being helpless or dependent.

    As a Roommate: Fives are eager to learn and solve problems. This is the roommate who will actually read the lease agreement and learn how to fix the kitchen sink disposal themselves.

    Our Advice: Fives value their independence and require some personal space, but they also enjoy sharing what they’ve learned with others. Every once in a while, ask this roommate about a subject in which they’ve taken interest.

  • Type 6: The Loyalist.

    Dependable and diligent, Sixes are the true “get ‘er done” type. They want to maintain a sense of security and support and offer these qualities to others in return.

    As a Roommate: This is the roommate who will think to park everyone’s cars under cover ahead of the big storm. Loyal and trustworthy, this is also the roommate you can easily confide in.

    Our Advice: Fives anticipate problems before they happen and will keep your home running smoothly. They also crave support from others, so don’t neglect to thank this roommate and/or congratulate them on their victories.

  • Type 7: The Enthusiast.

    Sevens easily win others over with their fun-loving, high-energy personalities. They jump at new opportunities and strive to maximize every experience for optimal enjoyment.

    As a Roommate: Sevens bring joy and spontaneity to a home. This roommate will want to accept every invitation--but they might also overextend themselves and show up late to plans they’ve made with you.

    Our Advice: You will absolutely have fun with this roommate, but you may need to set clear expectations when you need their help, their support... or a quiet weekend.

  • Type 8: The Challenger.

    Self-reliant and assertive, Eights don’t hesitate to take charge or speak up for themselves. They dislike feeling controlled and prefer to forge their own path in every situation.

    As a Roommate: Eights like to make things happen and have an impact. They won’t idly ignore a problem at home or an unspoken conflict among roommates.

    Our Advice: Eights respect honesty and don’t respond well to passive-aggression, so if problems arise, don’t hesitate to speak your mind.

  • Type 9: The Peacemaker.

    Gracious, tolerant, and consistent, Enneagram Nines prefer to maintain peace and tranquility in all situations and relationships. They are quick to accept others as they are and prefer to shy away from conflict.

    As a Roommate: Nines are patient and willing to listen, making them a peaceful anchor in the home. This is the roommate who will mediate tough conversations and see the best in everyone.

    Our Advice: Be sure to check in with this roommate and make sure they’re happy with the way things are going at home.

At PeachPerch, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect rental property--and whether or not the Enneagram strikes your fancy, we want you to enjoy who you live with, too! With a bit of understanding, any “number” can make a great roommate. Our advice? Before signing the lease, enjoy a fun night chatting about what makes you tick!

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