To put it plainly… you get a sign! This isn’t your average online-only rental website or your hardware store “for rent” sign, either. It’s the best of both worlds. We send you a high quality Peach Perch For Rent sign to put in your yard that drives people online to see your listing! Then, instead of fielding phone calls or living with a full voicemail box of inquiries, we will email you the contact information of interested tenants so you can reach out to them at your own convenience.

Of course! We only do one thing - so we do it well. The weather-proof, double-sided plastic sign boasts an eye-catching design and comes with a durable metal frame. Our metal frames have angled stakes and a leverage bar to make installation a breeze.

Each Peach Perch For Rent sign comes with one customized Property ID that coordinates directly to your online listing. Additional Property ID signs can be purchased so that if you have more than one house, you keep the same frame and just swap out the number. That easy!

Our signs are built to last so you can efficiently market your property year after year.

- Frame: 42" tall x 18" wide
- Sign: 24" tall x 18" wide
- Property ID Sign: 6" tall x 18" wide
- Dual Sided
- Additional Features: Angled stakes and a leverage bar for easy installation

Yes! You can move your Peach Perch For Rent sign from property to property, but you will need a unique Property ID sign for each different home. Swapping out your Property ID sign will direct traffic to the correct online listing.

Here’s where it gets good: Joining is free! Listings are free! Peach Perch For Rent signs are just $59.99 (+ tax) including the frame and a customized Property ID sign. If you have more than one home to market, additional Property ID signs can be purchased for just $19.99/ea (+ tax)... plus we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders!

Simple. Once you find a tenant and you are ready to take your property off the market, just log in and turn your listing OFF. Next time you are ready to list, the listing will still be online—all you have to do is log in, turn your listing back ON and put your Peach Perch For Rent sign back in the yard.

No! The “Peach Perch For Rent” sign is intended to be used any time you need to market your property. Modifying the online listing or turning it ON and OFF does not impact the Property ID number—so your Property ID Sign and your online listing stay linked unless you delete the listing entirely.

Contact hi@peachperch.com from the email address registered to your Peach Perch account to have your property removed from our database.